You *Are* Traffic

Driving around in traffic, one sees a lot of license plate frames. Most of them are, essentially, advertising flyers for the dealership that sold the car (or the place that last serviced the car). I think this is kind of obnoxious, and so I’m usually very happy to buy a nicely anonymous frame. (Which reminds me — I haven’t done that yet for the truck; really ought to get to that.)

There’s some dealership around here, though, that seems to sell about 80 percent of all the cars on the road. Dee gee dee gee dot com, whoever they are (they haven’t sold us anything, despite their omnipresent license plate frames), and every time I see one of these things (so, every time I’m driving anywhere) I can only think of the 1982 arcade game, Dig Dug.

As to the title of this post, the complete saying is, “You aren’t stuck in traffic; you are traffic.” So, if you’re being traffic in a Dig Dug car and suddenly a guy runs up and blows up your car with a bike pump, you know why.

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