Haxor to the Maxor

Today’s entry in the “put a computer on it” dopeslap file comes from Ars Technica. Turns out that ancient IoT devices are actually a giant security risk. If only someone had pointed this out at some time…

Okay, so, maybe sticking the Internet into everything isn’t such a great idea? Maybe?

Imagine a world where Russian hackers can’t use your doorknob to steal access to your bank account…

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One thought on “Haxor to the Maxor

  1. My first (that I know of!) sysadmin security failure was a socks proxy that I installed for windows gaming. D2? Mea culpa. This is so long ago that the default configuration for the package was for it to be wide open. I mentioned to the package managers that this was irresponsible of them (though it was clearly my fault). They balked and said I installed it so it was my fault. I think I went one more round with them, agreeing – and yet, they could be safer by default.
    I wonder how long it took before they finally shipped a secure[ish] by default package.

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