Sweet, It Works!

Last post I wrote about wanting to write a text-only Twitter client. So, now I’ve done that. It’s not 100% functional and there are still aspects of JavaFX UI that I’m wrestling with (getting buttons to line up the way I want seems to be way harder than it ought to be), but I reckon the application’s ready for people to try out. Currently I’m only building a MacOS installer, but if you’re interested and you want to give it a whirl, you can grab it at https://keybase.pub/sbeitzel/. I’m calling it “TwitterCrank”, since it’s sort of a Twitter client for cranky people (me). Things it does: read your feed, posts tweets, reply to tweets, retweet tweets. Things it doesn’t do (yet): handle direct messages. Things it doesn’t do (and won’t): display inline images, autoplay video, insert promoted tweets in your feed.

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