Okay, so I caught COVID a week ago, so I’m confined to quarters until I stop testing positive. This is fine. Except that the stateroom is a pretty effective Faraday cage and I can’t get online much. Tired of watching BBC adverts for BBC shows, and tired of playing video games, I started poking deeper and deeper into this problem with OpenSSL I’ve been having. And it turns out I found the answer! Which I can’t solve until I’m online again!

First: Kitura/SMTP is what my app uses to send transactional emails.

Second: Under the hood, SMTP uses Kitura/BlueSocket for network communications, and adds in Kitura/BlueSSLService to supply SSL support.

Third: On Linux, BlueSSLService uses Kitura/OpenSSL to bridge over to whatever version of OpenSSL is installed on the system.

And finally, Kitura/OpenSSL only supports OpenSSL versions 1.x and 2.x.

Meanwhile, Ubuntu “jammy” has started shipping with OpenSSL 3.x. So, in order to compile all my dependencies I need to downgrade the SSL library and headers to a 2.x version.

Now, I suppose I could revert to Ubuntu “focal”, except that this app gets deployed to Heroku and Heroku wants everyone up on “jammy”.

Or, I guess I could hang from a rope until Kitura/OpenSSL gets updated to support 3.x. There’s no way that could go wrong.

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