Effort “humps”

You know what makes me hate processing the mail and paying bills? Calling a billing phone number only to get a robot voice tree that starts out telling me the business hours … when I am calling during those business hours. Then, making me jump through a bunch of hoops to pay a goddamn bill. Used to be, I could pay this bill online without having an account. That’s good, because a lot of this stuff is in my wife’s name. You know, because men die sooner than women, and the patriarchy means that if it’s my name on everything, then she will wind up a widow with no credit score. So, she’s got good credit. But HIPAA and privacy and identity protection mean that they’re making it harder for me to pretend to be my wife. Which is fine, I guess, but what the hell? Why do they care whether she pays the bill or I pay the bill? They’re getting paid!

So, yeah. Burn down all the computers and let me just drop a sack of dollar coins on the desk.

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I play the bagpipes. I program computers. I support my family in their various endeavors, and I enjoy my wonderful life.

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