It Writes Itself

Lotus is making an electric SUV.

My mother will probably crack up when (if) she reads that. Ars Technica is kind of excited about it, but man. You know how the Ford Pinto was really well known for exploding when it got rear-ended? So, what if, on the heels of that, Ford was all, “Okay, we see where this is going, so the next thing we’re going to build is a fuel tanker.” Go ask someone who was into cars in the 1970s about how good the electrical systems were in Lotus cars.

Electrical systems aside, I’m still coming down on the WTF side on this one. I mean, sure, the Porsche Cayenne has demonstrated that there are plenty of people who want to drive a sports car SUV, so of course Lotus will want some of that sweet, sweet money. Are you sure that Mrs. Peel will want someone to mom her ride?

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