Software Release!

I’m pleased to announce the release of an updated version of Stumpy. Mostly, the differences from the previous version will be invisible; the one user-facing difference being that, since I’m only supporting macOS 12+, I can wrap the list of servers in a ScrollView, so you don’t have to resize the window if you’re running a bunch of servers. (Like I do.)

Of course, I always get nervous when I get close to releasing software to production. There’s this tension between, “get it solid so you can ship,” and, “make it perfect so you are proud.” Part of being a professional is accepting solid over perfect, so now I’m busy filing bugs against my own software so that I can remember how I’m supposed to make it better. Honestly, I would love for all three of my readers to do likewise.

I’m only sort of kidding — I know that I’m the only one who cares about this particular project; after all, if more people cared, they’d have been feeding back to dumbster or to the previous version of Stumpy. Still, having more people makes it easier, a little bit. But, the fact that my email inboxes are full of so much malformed marketing bullshit suggests that the people who would really benefit from Stumpy don’t actually care.

Anyway. The (to me) interesting part is that I’ve rewritten the networking layer to use SwiftNIO. This has already simplified some of the architecture of the application, and it’s given me some really valuable experience with NIO. This will come in extremely handy with my future projects.

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