Vacation Nerdsnipe

We bought into Disney Vacation Club some years ago, because having a timeshare would mean we’d have this incentive to take vacations. We are bad at taking vacations. There’s always stuff to be doing, after all.

But if you don’t use your timeshare, that’s effectively money you just gave away to be burned. So…take a vacation! Awesome. We’re doing that. And our lives are better. But now, having booked one, I couldn’t stop clicking around on the DVC website. Oh, they’re partnering up with National Geographic to offer different vacations? That sounds cool. What are they…oh, check it out, walk the Camino de Santiago and learn all about the stuff there. Neat! I totally want to do that! And ask someone how it is that the Spanish for “James” is “Iago” because that makes no sense at all. Some language is having some fun, is what I’m saying.

And I totally do want to do that…wait a second. Walking. Yes, that would be rad. I totally want to…sure, sure, I have arthritis and can’t actually be walking all day for two days in a row, let alone 11, but I…no, I don’t know whether Lise would want to or not, but it would be pretty cool still, and…yeah, okay, no, probably not actually realistic. And there’s a half hour I’m not getting back, but still.

National Geographic. Spain. Churches, museums, architecture, and exercise: how can you not be interested?

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