Open Letter to the FSF

I have been professionally active in software development for 27 years and I have used and even contributed to Free Software.  While Richard Stallman has played a critical role in the development of Free Software, he has also contributed to a toxic atmosphere of male entitlement – a sense that rules only apply to other people.

I’m disappointed and angry that your organization has chosen to reinstate him in a leadership position and to see you cite his “wisdom” as one of the factors in that decision. The statements that led to Mr. Stallman leaving the board were bad enough; his non-apology clearly demonstrates that not only is he not sorry, but that he doesn’t even understand what he did wrong. That isn’t wisdom, it’s arrogance, and pretending otherwise tars the FSF with the same brush.

What your organization seems to be saying to the world is, “If you make stuff we like, it doesn’t matter if you treat some people horribly. Good software is more important than human rights.” Because you seem unclear, I am telling you that’s wrong, and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Do better.

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