Audio Kryptonite

You know that thing where you start imitating the accents and speech patterns of people around you? Yeah, I’m really susceptible to that. Audio books with compelling readers are the worst. It’s bad enough when I’m reading an actual printed book and really getting into it and find myself using turns of phrase from the work in normal conversation. I feel like a complete buffoon then, believe it, but it’s even worse with an audiobook. The one I’m listening to now has a narrator with a strong Irish accent — which only makes sense, given that the setting is Ireland — and the darned thing is infecting my mind. Typing a bug report to a software vendor two days ago, I characterized a functioning aspect of the program as, “grand.” Who, in America, says that? Nobody, that’s who! Ah, Jayzus, and even as I write this feckin’ confession, I’m hearin’ it narrated by this woman.

I’ve got to get myself some American (preferably, California) audio input. Time to hit Netflix for something ludicrous.

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