Piping Practice

Today I made some really beautiful noise on the pipes. “Too Long in This Condition” was, I think, the high point. The taorluaths were happening, my hands were relaxed, and the drones were well-tuned. I’m making progress with “The Sleeping Tune” and getting speed with “Cullen Bay”. Today I felt like I could play for hours; I love when I’m in that zone.

I’ve still got lots of practice chanter work to do, though. I’m still struggling with my first strathspey, and I’ve got to get memorizing “Catherine’s Lament.”

The outside tenor still has a tendency to choke with moisture, and my chanter reed keeps growing fuzz. I’ve been brushing bleach on it and that seems to work for a couple of days but that’s all. Next, I’ll try Listerine, maybe even swab out the stock and bag with it. Whiskey doesn’t work, I know that much.

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