Mirror, mirror

Today I wrote a simple command line utility to mirror the dependencies for a swift project. And it works! That’s pretty neat, in and of itself. Then, because I could, I built a Docker image that has my utility installed, so I can use that image as the base for all my containerized application development.Continue reading “Mirror, mirror”


Today’s newspapers offer a feast of anxiety. A quick overview: Russia/Ukraine war – many, many countries are proposing to stop purchasing petroleum exports from Russia. The US is proposing to start buying oil from Venezuela to replace the Russian oil they’d been buying, to try to avoid an energy price shock. The bits of tiresContinue reading “Maybe…Don’t?”

Characteristic: Overkill

So, we’re refugees. Also, I’ve been thinking about store-and-forward, intermittently-connected networks for a good long while. Looking at where life is going and how we plan to navigate it, I’m only going to be more intermittently-connected, with longer periods of isolation, not less/shorter. So, I want to start solving problems now, before I’m cut offContinue reading “Characteristic: Overkill”

Really? You Have Opinions?

“I see that you are wearing a garment decorated with shapes that are obviously linked to a widely-appreciated cultural artifact. I assume, therefore, that you would like to have a conversation about that with me, a stranger on the street, rather than go about your business in the shops, one of which I just witnessedContinue reading “Really? You Have Opinions?”